In trying something new, we have partnered with long time wild food forager and outdoor self reliance instructor Pascal Baudar for a session on Medicinal, Native and Sacred Brews.

The workshop consist of 2 parts. A morning plant identification walk and an evening primitive brew making and tasting at the store

Part 1 -  Plant identification walk. This is optional, if you can't make it you can simply come to the evening demonstration. During this walk, we'll explore the local forest and identify the plants, fruits and ingredients we can use in our primitive concoctions.

Time: From 10AM to around 12:30PM

Part 2 - Primitive, Medicinal, Sacred Brewing and Tasting.

At 7PM, we meet again at the Eagle Rock Home Brewing Supply store.  We'll discuss the ingredients and primitive materials use for that workshop. Don't worry, you can do the same with modern equipment. Expect a large table of fascinating goodies. I'll do a step by step demonstration on making a native brew and show you a couple of recipes. Of course, we need to end the day with some tasting and a little wild snack.  We'll probably end off at around 9PM.

You can sign up for this event at