The Irish Dry Stout is one of the most common stouts. It has a characteristic dry finish due to the generous additions of unmalted roasted barley. This tends to give the beer a more bitter flavor, think the type of bitterness you get from coffee.

One question people have is, what is the difference between a stout and a porter?

It mostly comes down to historical distinctions that are not especially relevant today. Stouts were originally called stout porters, signifying a stronger version of the porter. As such, many people associate Irish Dry Stouts as having a higher alcohol content, but that is mostly false. Most Irish Dry Stouts have a lower alcohol percentage than other types of beer.

For March we have a special Irish Dry Stout recipe, our Cypress Stout. This is a richer, stronger version of our Silverlake Stout. It tones down the roasted barley while adding some chocolate malt and some flaked barley for richness and flavor. Here is the recipe. Happy St. Patricks Day, Thursday March 17th.