Ingredients + Equipment

Let's make something tasty together.


Ingredients + Equipment

Let's make something tasty together.


Eagle Rock Home Brewing Supply is your source for a full selection of home brewing equipment and ingredients, whether you are fermenting beer, wine, sake, kombucha, cider or mead, we have the hardware you need.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help setting something up, our experienced brewers can often assemble a useful solution out of the ordinary parts in our equipment section of the shop.

We also fill up Co2 tanks for your draft system. $18 for a 5 lb tank and $30 for a 10 lb tank.



Whether you are just getting started and are looking for a one-gallon kit, looking to upgrade to our deluxe kit, or just need to replace an item or two, we've got you covered. 

We refill CO2 tanks, carry brand-new CO2 tanks, and have a full selection of draft and kegging systems, kits and parts to build your own kegerator or keezer.

We also rent wine corkers and fruit/wine presses. Please call for availability. 




We provide the best selection of brewing ingredients in Southern California, with dozens of hop varieties and a full selection of malts on-hand. We carry several brands of dry yeast for beer, wine, champagne and distilling. We also carry a full selection of both White Labs and Wyeast liquid yeast cultures, including mead, sake, cider, bacteria and brett.



Learn how to get started brewing your own beer as we brew a 5 gallon batch of extract with steeping grains using the equipment from our Standard Equipment Kit, including fermentation and bottling techniques.

Our basic home brewing class is held approximately once per month on a Sunday evening from 5 to 8 PM. The class is only $20 and includes a keepsake pint glass as a take-away.




Beginning Brewing Class November 17th

This is the beginning brewing class in which we will demonstrate the brew day process. We will walk through all the steps involved in making beer at home, going over common pitfalls and discussing techniques to ensure your first brew is a success.


The class starts at 5 PM and is around 3 hours long, and includes a keepsake pint glass. Those who attend the class will also receive 5% off any supplies purchased immediately after the class. 

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